We make the invisible visible

Spectrum Control (formerly APITech) is a global leader in managing and controlling the electromagnetic spectrum. We make the invisible electromagnetic spectrum visible and controllable with our industry-leading capabilities. Companies and governments trust us to help them design, engineer, and build the devices and solutions that connect and protect our world.

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70 years of innovation

Spectrum Control has a strong heritage of technical prowess and manufacturing excellence built over seven decades. The company’s focus has been in two distinct areas: conditioning & processing of RF and microwave signals and protecting equipment from electromagnetic interference. These major categories have evolved to encompass adjacent technologies including power distribution systems for hi rel applications and optical transmit/receive modules.

During those 70 years of successful growth and market expansion the company has acquired or merged in synergistic companies and operating divisions to address market opportunities and to fill gaps in our product line. Today’s Spectrum Control is comprised of more than 40 businesses and product groups, the oldest of which is C-MAC dating back to 1953.






These are many of the companies, product lines and brands that are now part of the Spectrum Control DNA.

Inmet, Weinschel, AMP Filter division, API Technologies / APITech, Amplifonix, C-MAC Aerospace, Commercial Microwave Technology (CMT Filters), Cryptek, EMF Systems, Filtran, FSY Microwave, Islip Transformer, Keytronics, Kuchera Industries/Kuchera Defense Systems, Magnum Microwave, Micro Networks, Murata Erie, Potter Production, Remec Components, RTI Electronics, Sage Laboratories, Salisbury Engineering, Satcon Electronics, SenDEC Corporation, Spectrum Microwave, Spectrum Power, Summit Instruments, Texas Spectrum Electronics

“Every day we strive to be the best company we can be, aligned to the needs of our customers, our global workforce, and markets we serve.”

- Rich Sorelle, CEO