Upconverters & Downconverters

Spectrum Control Upconverters and Downconverters utilize in-house filter, amplifier and mixer designs as well as an optional dual channel frequency converter with a tunable, synthesized local oscillator (LO), very popular in many airborne applications. This design provides exceptional return loss through the entire band as well as suitable out-of-band rejection for critical military applications.





We have also introduced a new line of ultra-miniature wideband RF up/downconverters that feature integral digital control for high performance and rapid system integration. These all-SMT products use the latest design and manufacturing techniques to achieve a breakthrough in size, weight and power consumption.

SCi Blocks Stick

The Spectrum Control IMA Difference

Vertically integrated design and manufacturing

By using our own filter, amplifier and mixer technology we maintain tight control over critical performance parameters for exceptional amplitude and gain flatness

Amplitude and Phase Match
  • Amplitude- and phase-matching are critical elements of our up/down converter designs, especially valuable in direction-finding applications.
Variable Gain Control

Using an analog or digital control voltage, these designs are offered with a wide variety of interfaces to support management of both gain and signal strength.

RF Input Protection

RF input protection is commonly employed using limiting circuits comprised of high barrier diodes for either moderate- or high-power interferers.

Overdrive Protection

Reverse- and overdrive-protection, plus DC Power conditioning, are used to prevent and maintain adequate supply power isolation.

Temperature Compensation

Active and passive temperature compensation is an integral part of our designs to support rugged military environments