EMI Protection

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) can affect your electronic system in many ways. Outside in. System out. Mitigating these problems can be a significant challenge. You need solutions to address your system's mechanical, electrical, and environmental concerns while ensuring the project is kept on budget and schedule. Spectrum Control has been delivering reliable filter products to mitigate EMI and radio frequency interference (RFI) since 1968 – even in the most challenging environments.

Partner with us to address your most demanding EMI/EMC requirements.


Ideal for commercial aerospace, weapons, military aircraft, industrial process equipment, cellular base stations, graphics workstations, and more!


Protecting electronic systems for more than 50 years

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Aerospace and Defense
  • Aviation – countermeasures, fire control, communications systems
  • Communications shelters, command centers
  • Shipboard systems – radar, communications search, navigation, guidance systems
  • Hardened computers
  • Missile systems – smart bombs, air to surface missiles
  • Land based vehicles
Commercial Aerospace
  • Air traffic control
  • Cockpit displays
  • Radar
  • Engine, flight, and actuation controls
  • Aircraft lighting
  • In-Flight entertainment, cabin systems
  • Fire protection, de-icing systems
  • Imaging equipment
  • Portable dialysis machines
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Surgical tools and instrumentation
  • Implantable products
  • Portable dialysis, ventilators, IV infusion pumps
  • Patient care monitors
  • Anesthesia equipment
  • Process control equipment
  • Instrumentation, test equipment, remote sensors, motor controls
  • Agricultural machinery and equipment
  • DC to DC converters
  • Power supplies, power lines
  • Factory equipment, welders, metal working machines
  • Data and signal lines
  • Cellular base stations
  • Communications racks
  • Digital and switching equipment
  • IT hubs
  • Data centers


Design & Testing Support

  • Fully equipped EMC testing laboratory on site offer flexible resource
  • Experienced EMC engineering staff solve EMI susceptibility and emission problems
  • Test your equipment, determine state of compliance, and work with you to develop a viable solution
  • Evaluate and fine-tune installed filter performance to find a solution for your unique requirements
  • Leave our lab with an EMI solution prototype in hand!


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