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In January 2023 API Technologies (APITech) changed its name to Spectrum Control. The Spectrum Control name (part of our legacy of acquired companies) better represents the new direction of the company and pays homage to our strong legacy. Fundamentally our name now says what we do: provide our customers with products and solutions to control the electromagnetic spectrum.

APITech combined engineering expertise, innovation and manufacturing excellence to enable mission-critical solutions. Designed to solve complex problems in signal modulation and transmission, API solutions enabled high quality product performance in the military and government, space, commercial, aerospace, security, medical, industrial and communications industries. Through proven experience and innovation, API delivered reliable solutions for the most rugged, harsh environments in the world – and beyond. 


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Timeline and History

Founded in 1981, API Technologies brought together the power of several trusted brands and formed a uniquely capable partner for RF/microwave, electromagnetic and security solutions.

Filtran (2002)

Filtran is a supplier of custom magnetics for communications equipment, peripherals, instrumentation and process control equipment.

Islip Transformer (2004)

Islip Transformer supplies a range of electronic components and systems used in a variety of defense systems, including military generators, night scopes, and missile systems.

NHI (2007)

National Hybrid has advanced data networking solutions to serve the ever-increasing performance, space, and cost demands of the aerospace and defense industry.

CMT (2011)

CMT offers off-the-shelf and custom designed lumped element filters, cavity filters, combline filters and waveguide filters.

TM Systems (2003)

TM Systems service and support actively monitors and manages the maintenance of networks to medium and small business infrastructures.

Keytronics (2006)

Keytronics’ products span custom magnetic devices, transformers and custom electronic equipment designed and manufactured in accordance with MIL-T-27.

Spectrum Control (2011)

Spectrum Control designs and builds components and assemblies for RF/microwave systems and solutions for system electromagnetic interference.

Spectrum Microwave (2011)

Spectrum Microwave is a world leader in RF filters, amplifiers, frequency sources, microelectronics, and integrated microwave assemblies.

RTI Electronics (2012)

RTI Electronics product line of passive electronic components including film capacitors, magnetic transformers, and inductors including custom designs.

C-MAC Microtechnology (2012)

C-MAC manufactures specialized system critical electronics requiring precision and high reliability in harsh environments.

Aeroflex Inmet (2015)

Inmet is a solution-minded, performance-driven, and customer-focused global supplier of passive RF, Microwave, and microelectronics solutions.

Aeroflex Weinschel (2015)

Built upon a strong heritage, Weinschel is a leader in RF and Microwave technologies and superior quality components and subsystems.

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