Deliver Results

Create breakthrough products using our leading solutions for filtering, amplifying, and controlling the electromagnetic spectrum. Whether you are building your own system from the ground up or are looking for help with your design, our engineers and experts can accelerate and amplify your innovation.

Leaders across industries trust us to support them at every stage of the development cycle, from design to final testing. Turn to us to create solutions that perform and deliver, even in the most extreme and difficult environments. 


 Spectrum Control provides RF/microwave components & subassemblies and EMI protection products for commercial aviation-- from large passenger aircraft to executive transport jets and helicopters. Our secure, rugged, SWaP-C-optimized components support safety-critical avionics and communications, autonomous systems, aircraft sensors, and more. We have also developed solutions to protect aircraft navigation systems from 5G interference.


High Temperature

Spectrum Control supplies the most robust, high quality and high-performing electronic products for high temperature applications -- ranges up to 225+◦c. Spectrum Control can partner with you to provide fit-for-purpose high temperature products and solutions that meet all your demanding requirements including in-house customized packaging.


Representative Applications

  • Fuel pump controls on space missions
  • High reliability multi-chip modules for deep well drilling
  • Specialized electronics for autoclaves
  • Hybrid electronics for jet engine monitoring

Wireless Test

Expectations are high for modern devices and networks to be tested to real-world, congested scenarios. Spectrum Control has the products and expertise to help you fully embrace digital transformation in your wireless test lab. These include solutions to interconnect equipment, condition signals, and emulate RF channels.




Our components and subsystems support these common test environments

  • Channel Emulation
  • Throughput Measurements
  • Certification Testing
  • Hybrid Environments
  • Multipath
  • Handover
  • Mesh Connectivity Testing.


We combine proven reliability and performance with innovative new technology to design and build mission-ready high rel components and subsystems. Deep space or new space. With a space heritage dating to 1976, we have proven experience supporting past and present space programs.




Spectrum Control offers a wide variety of EMI protection and RF subsystem solutions for medical electronics.  Our products are designed for high-performance applications where lives hang in the balance. We are experienced in complying with the strict environmental and high-reliability requirements for medical imaging, tooling and instrumentation, portable equipment, patient care monitors, and much more.


Representative Applications

  • Medical Neurostimulation Devices: ceramic capacitors
  • Medical Diagnostics & Monitoring Device: EMI filter plate
  • Medical Imaging Equipment: D-Sub Connectors
  • Portable Medical Equipment: Low leakage power EMI filter (problem found and solved in our EMC test lab)