Land Dominance

Emerging ground threats require rapid mobility coupled with weapons systems that are lethal and can survive advanced attacks. Connected, integrated and synchronized command and control (C2) is essential.

Spectrum Control specializes in designing, producing and integrating critical RF/microwave components and subassemblies that underpin critical weapons systems. Our solutions are integral to major radar, communications, fire control, missiles, and signals intelligence platforms.


Command & Control

Communications and situational awareness depend on reliable Command and Control operations which oversee multiple systems on multiple platforms.

Spectrum Control is a critical part of systems such as Systems such as Integrated Battle Command System (IBCS) and Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) give military commanders the battlespace agility they need to transform knowledge into actions at the right time and place.

Representative Applications

  • Battlefield Management
  • Blue Force/Red Force Tracking
  • Unit-level Intelligence
  • Tactical Communications

Radar and Missile Defense

The emergence of the hypersonic threat requires compressed/immediate decision times. Reliable, precise and rapid processing of threat data requires the highest performing, most reliable RF and microwave components available to the warfighter today. Spectrum Control answers that need.

Representative Applications

  • Mobile ground radar
  • Counter mortar radar
  • Approach control radar
  • Missile warning systems
  • Surface search radars
  • Battlefield awareness
  • Air surveillance

Ground Platforms and Mobile Systems

Expeditionary forces need support for both legacy and alternative power sources for vehicles, command posts, and mobile C2 systems. The current and future battlefield will require Require smart, intelligent, flexible and programmable power systems.

Spectrum Control has a broad portfolio of smart power and power distribution systems and power supplies for ground platforms. 

Representative Applications

  • Integrated battle command systems (IBCS)
  • Multi-function electronic warfare, terrestrial layer segment




Battlefield Communications

No plan survives contact with the enemy. Flexibility and rapid adaptation are achieved through reliable and secure communications from the squad to the battalion level.

Spectrum Control specializes in precise, high fidelity RF connectors, filters, and subassemblies that enable, end-to-end connectivity in harsh and austere environments and secure those systems from EM interference and signal jamming.

Representative Applications

  • Tactical, Multiband Radios
  • Vehicle Communication Networks
  • Blue Force/Red Force Tracking
  • Situational Awareness and Navigation