Space Grade EMI Filters

Hermetic and resin EMI filtering products are upgraded with additional thermal shock cycles and voltage conditioning hours and destructive physical analysis.

Our surface mount option has more stringent levels of testing by employing higher grades of dielectric materials.

Primary uses include satellite systems, spacecraft, launch vehicles, orbital infrastructure, surveillance and tracking, and ground transmission and communication networks.

We are your space-grade EMI filter partner

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Inspection (Class B versus B Plus)


Data sheet:
Space-grade single line filter


Data sheet:
SMT high-reliability filters

Established B Plus requirements

Additional screening beyond MIL-PRF-28881 class B for custom and catalog resin and hermetically sealed EMI filters including: thermal shock cycles, voltage conditioning options, and destructive physical analysis.

Rugged Designs

Hermetically sealed versions are impervious to high moisture environments, solvents and severe environmental conditions.

Space Saving Compact SMT

Surface mount EMI filters have a compact design that provide time and cost savings compared to through-hole filters.