Phase Frequency Detectors

Spectrum Control’s line of Phase Frequency Detectors perform frequency measurement of an RF pulse and output data in as little as 15 ns. The ability to integrate our own high performance broadband channelizers, high Q filters and low loss detectors allows them to provide stable outputs over temperature, a more tolerable RF match for the filter and improved signal to noise ratio.

Ideal for receivers which must operate in very high pulse density environments, Spectrum Control integrates the detector diode and video choke network directly on the suspended substrate stripline circuit. Suspended Substrate Stripline technology allows for extremely accurate channel crossover frequencies to be achieved with very low temperature drift.

A crucial element in the design is the channel filter characteristics and their contiguous frequency coverage. The contiguous coverage is achieved by resistively splitting the input signal between two noncontiguous bandpass channel multiplexers. This allows less than a 3 dBc crossover to be achieved and simplifies the multiplexing requirement.

Phase Frequency Detector Data

Model # Freq. Range (GHz) Chan⋅
Channel Band⋅
widths (MHz)
Input Power Level (dBm) Res⋅
ponse Time (ns)
Threshold Detection Prob⋅
ability (%)
False Alarm Rate (/second) Output Format Power (watts)
FDFD6420-1 2.0 - 6.0 16 250 10 - 16 30 Programmable 99 1 Differential ECL 7
FDFD6420-2 2.5 - 5.3 8 350 12 - 17 20 Fixed 99 1 Differential ECL 8
FDFD6420-3 2.7 - 5.3 8 100 5.0 - 10 40 Programmable 99 1 TTL 2