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Panel Mount EMI Filters

Spectrum Control’s focus on miniaturization and achieving high packing density in circuit design has allowed us to meet the needs of our customers, where component size is a premium and the highest level of integration is desired. Panel mount EMI filter designs are built in accordance with MIL-PRF-28861, MIL-PRF-15733, and DSCC 84084 standards and custom-designed EMI filters are available.

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Space saving, compact design. 50% less the weight versus employing two single line filters.
EMI filters featuring hermetic glass seals and high EMI filtering performance are excellent for critical, harsh environment applications.
Rugged case EMI filter with resin seals provides excellent environmental protection in the harshest environments.
Resin-sealed, rugged bolt-in style EMI filter easily installed and offered in many styles with current ratings of up to 100 amps.
Spectrum Control's value-added panel mount EMI filter assemblies provide flexible solutions to meet unique design challenges.
AC and DC single line feed-thru EMI filters offer filtering in a compact package with high-temperature construction.
Installation guidelines for threaded style and solder-in style EMI filters, including recommended mounting hole size.