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Frequency Synthesizers

Low Phase Noise, Configurable or Custom, Multiple Integrated Assembly Options

Spectrm Control's frequency synthesizers offer wide bandwidth, multiple step size options, fast switching speed, and low phase noise combined with the cost advantages of standardized packages. Frequency control options include Serial/parallel inputs, BCD/Binary format, or traditional thumbwheel switches.

We also offer several different options for locking to a specific source. The customer may choose internal reference crystal oscillators or low ppm OCXO’s. External reference frequencies can range from 10-100 MHz, depending on the customer’s system.

External Reference

Model # Frequency (MHz) Step Size (MHz) Refer⋅
ence (MHz)
@ 10 kHz
@ 100 kHz
onics (dBc)
Spurious (dBc) Supply (Volts/
Model 445052 8000 - 8500 10 100 -89 -125 13 -25 -70 15/200
Ultra Low Phase Noise
  • Spectrum Control incorporates an integral DDS synthesizer for low phase noise, fine frequency resolution and fast nsec switching speed.
Novel Packaging
  • These lower cost surface-mount synthesizers are ideal for commercial applications where cost is the leading performance driver.
  • They are also designed for low current consumption (25 mA) and employ a 3-wire serial interface for microprocessor compatible frequency control.
Wide Ranging Options
  • Spectrum Control's own line of low CL mixers allows multiple conversions to the desired frequency with minimal Phase Noise degradation.
Multiple Interfaces
  • Multiple controller interface allows user to select the option that suits their needs!
  • Customer’s select from Serial, Parallel, BCD, RS-232, RS-422, GPIO, Ethernet, USB, and microprocessor control.
Custom Units Available
  • Custom synthesizers feature rugged construction and the latest circuit techniques which makes them suitable for either military or commercial applications.