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Solid State Programmable Attenuators

Weinschel brand solid state programmable attenuators are suited for both benchtop and systems integration  

                                                                                                Available in frequencies ranging from 300 kHz to 40 GHz

                                                                                                Attenuation range up to 127 dB

                                                                                                Step size as fine as 0.25 dB

                                                                                                USB, Parallel, I2C,  UART and SPI control interfaces

                                                                                                Available in single and 4-channel modules

Spectrum Control's Weinschel brand 4-Channel Programmable Attenuators operate over the 0.3 to 8000 MHz frequency range, and offer attenuation ranges up to 95 dB. These connectors are ideal for MU-MIMO Wireless Testing and Fading test simulation environments.
8-Channel Programmable Attenuator reduces cost, frees up rack space and enables placement of the attenuator inside an RF shielded chamber.