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Thin Film Chip Resistors

Powerfilm™ proudly offers several families of thin film chip resistors ranging in size of 0.020 x 0.020” to 0.050 x 0.100”. Spectrum Control utilizes its state of the art thin film processing line to provide thin film chip resistors with the highest quality and reliability available.

Our solutions provide variety of substrate sizes, substrate materials, resistor values and accuracy. The markets include space, military, hi-rel industrial and commercial applications. Spectrum Control’s thin film resistors are ideal for applications including microelectronics, test and measurement equipment, medical equipment, communication devices and data converters.

Spectrum Control's thin film chip resistors are optimal for applications that require high stability, accuracy or low noise. Thin film resistors are more stable at high frequencies when compared to thick film resistors.

Specific Core Competencies
  • Silicon or alumina substrate
  • Resistor tolerance 0.1%
  • Back side contact options
  • Pre-soldered options
  • Tantalum Nitride or Nickel Chrome resistor materials
  • Passivation as required
Processing Steps
  • 100% sputter thin film
  • Conductor and resistor photolithography
  • and etch
  • Stabilization
  • YAG laser trim
  • Passivation as required for NiCr
  • Sawing
  • 100% Visual inspection