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Frequency Multiplier Oscillators (FMOS)

The Frequency Multiplier Oscillator (FMO) is a compact 21 channel synthesized signal generator that provides transmit and LO signals for L-band and S-Band airborne radar systems. This design incorporates a unique isolation system for exceptional phase noise performance during vibration.

This ruggedized design has successfully passed environmental qualification for Temperature-Altitude, Humidity, Salt Fog, Vibration, Acoustical Noise, and Shock Testing. Interested parties should contact the factory directly for exact levels and conditions used for environmental test.

  • 21 Transmit channels
  • 21 first LO channels
  • 195 MHz fixed second LO
  • 5 MHz fixed third LO
  • 5 MHz differential TTL processors clock
  • All signals are coherent to an internal reference
  • Residual FM noise measured 100%
  • Frequency accuracy +/- 0.3 PPM after an 8 minute warm-up
  • Biphase modulation on transmit and first LO
  • Output Power 27 dBm min
  • Output Frequency “L” through “S” Band
  • Frequency Switching Time <50 ms