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Switch Matrix

Spectrum Control Weinschel offers solutions for challenging test, simulation and RF distribution requirements by offering both custom and off-the-shelf subsystems.

Our systems feature standard communication interfaces such as IEEE-488, RS-232, Ethernet, and USB. High density mechanical packaging is a specialty. Systems are available in 50 and 75 ohm configurations.

Our systems are employed in telecommunications, radar and CNI, satellite and ground communication systems, base station and mobile verification, signal analysis, cable modem and VoIP testing, production test systems and precision microwave related test instruments.

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Modularized, customizable, switch matrices
RF Distribution Networks can be integrated using high performance and standard microwave components. Systems can be built to print, or engineered to your specification.
Custom Multi-path attenuation subsystems for fading simulation and emulation.
Simulates ‘true’ multipath effects in a wireless environment. Ideal for MIMO Conductive testing, Wi-Fi 6E, WiMAX , 4G LTE, 5G multipath fading simulators.