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RRB Receiver

Communication, Navigation & Identification

Spectrum Control's RRB Receiver interfaces with shipborne I Band surveillance / navigation radars. The RRB Receiver (which is specifically tuned to the transmit frequency of the associated RF2M Microwave Ltd I Band Transponder) takes a signal from the prime radar antenna feed waveguide.

The processed output from the RRB Receiver is available for display on bridge or command centre radar display system(s). Additional RRB Receiver outputs may be used for further signal processing or track extraction etc. As standard, the output from the RRB Receiver shows the code being transmitted by the Transponder. 16 different codes are selectable in the aircraft cockpit for identification or other purposes.


  • The I-Band Transponder System provides a highly effective means of locating, identifying and providing navigational assistance for a variety of aircraft outside normal radar coverage and range by receiving and processing a dedicated transmission from a suitably equipped aircraft.
  • The system is effectively employed to provide accurate surveillance, tracking and approach control information, not only at low altitudes and beyond the normal radar horizon, but also at close range, in bad weather and in severe clutter environments.
  • While being more accurate, physically robust and more cost effective then competitive secondary radar systems, the RF2M Microwave Ltd system is also less complex and easier both to install and to support operationally.


  • Safety of Life
  • Close range, precision approach / control
  • Long range navigation and control
  • Search and rescue
  • Individual identification of aircraft
  • Enhanced radar track / position reporting
  • Oil rig identification / navigation
  • Coastal navigation and surveillance
  • Air-to-Air identification / surveillance
  • Marine navigation / beacon systems