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Custom Circular EMI Filtered Connectors

Spectrum Control offers custom circular connectors with EMI filters or unfiltered styles, including military standards. Our filtered compact shell connectors provide an effective EMI filter that reduces the amount of real estate required within a product enclosure. Using our expertise in EMI filter design and manufacturing, we offer planar-style filtered arrays.

This premium line of custom circular mil-spec connectors are completely intermateable with MIL-DTL-38999 Series III.

Spectrum Control’s EMI filtered connector offerings are fully vertically integrated and manufactured in the USA, where components, including ceramic capacitors and shells are produced. This provides our customers with high-quality parts, with the industry’s shortest lead times.

  • Commercial and defense aircraft electrical and engine control systems
  • Power distribution and supplies
  • Military systems: ground/air weapons, UAVs, radar, communication, vehicles, handheld and vehicular base VHF radios
  • Secure digital intercommunication control systems
  • Soldered construction for better high-frequency performance over mechanical designs
  • Large planar capacitance pin-to-pin ratio range to provide power and signal filtering in a single package
  • EMI filter connectors with insulated and ground line options
  • Predictable line-to-line isolation for segregated line IL performance
  • Planar-style filtered arrays in C and Pi circuits up to 200nF in most configurations
  • Custom designs available on all styles
  • Unfiltered custom connector design to meet mechanical and environmental specifications available
  • Bayonet style available
  • EMI filter connector resistant to corrosion
  • Becoming new standard in all commercial and defense applications
  • Approved for MIL-DTL-38999 Series III and other standard MIL configurations
  • Maintains the mechanical integrity of plated connectors and will not require new drawings, tooling, or gauges
  • Designed to displace traditional metal connector shells for substantial weight reduction
  • Custom mechanical variations may be provided without usual tooling charges
  • Circular connectors in MIL-DTL-38999 Series III available EMI filtered or unfiltered
  • Nickel and cadmium plating available
  • Meet standards for RTCA/DO-160 section 22 lightning requirements
  • Withstand very high voltage surges for airborne equipment
  • EMI filter connector provides increased safety, system capacity, and overall efficiency
  • Double-start and triple-start ACME thread engagement types available
  • Termination types: PC tail, solder cup, or crimp removable
  • Receptacle types: flange mount or jam nut
  • Six shell sizes in either pin or socket contact genders
  • Shell materials: aluminum, stainless steel
  • Pin and socket contacts are available in various combinations of size 23 to size 12
  • Capacitance values 1,000 to 5,000 pF
  • Pi and C circuits available
  • Download data sheet
  • Easy retrofit or upgrade without concern for space availability
  • Standardized design for most contact arrangements minimizes tooling required (often none)
  • Reduced procurement costs and small order quantities or prototypes
  • PC tail or solder cup terminations
  • Download the data sheet
Operating Temperature -55°C to 125°C
Capacitance See capacitance table below
Capacitance Tolerance ±25%, +100%
Voltage Rating 200VDC
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 500VDC
Dissipation Factor <3.5%
Insulation Resistance 1000MΩ, µF or 10KMΩ

Note: The electrical properties listed are typical and can be exceeded based on customer requirements and mechanical figuration. Since many variables affect the design, contact an engineer directly for a detailed assessment of your connector needs.

Capacitance Code Capacitance Value Circuit Availability
251 250 pF C
501 500 pF C, Pi
102 1,000 pF Pi
122 1,250 pF C
252 2,500 pF C, Pi
502 5,000 pF C, Pi
103 10,000 pF C, Pi
203 20,000 pF Pi
253 25,000 pF C
503 50,000 pF Pi

Note: Custom capacitance values and tolerances available.