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Patch Antennas

We are able to identify critical issues such as the board layout, ground plane size, mounting methods and port measurement that influence the efficiency of your antenna. We’ll look at the polarization and radiation patterns, gain, impedance matching and frequency tolerance to determine the ideal patch for your design.

In addition, we have an on-site anechoic chamber to validate performance. Our flexible manufacturing and testing processes allow us to easily accommodate your custom specifications. 

Part # Application Polarization Center Frequency 
2:1 VSWR
Bandwidth (MHz)
Minimum Gain(dBic) Recommended Ground Plane Size (mm)
PA25-1615-025SA Globalstar LHCP 1615 25 3.0 60x60
PA451615-1575SA Globalstar & GPS (Comm) LHCP 1592 135 4.0 63x63
PA13-1580-005SA GPS RHCP 1580 5.0 0.0 30x30
PA25-1575-008SA GPS RHCP 1575 8.0 3.0 35x35
PA25-1579-008SA GPS RHCP 1579 8.0 3.0 35x35
PA18-1580-010SA GPS RHCP 1580 10.0 0.0 50x50
PA25-1227-008SA GPS (military) RHCP 1227 8.0 0.0 60x60
PA45-1592-175SA Inmarsat RHCP 1592 175 (3:1) 4.0 63x63
PA25-1621-025SA Iridium RHCP 1621 25 3.0 60x60
PA451621-1575SA Iridium & GPS (Comm) RHCP 1592 175 (3:1) 4.0 63x63
PA28-2450-120SA ISM RHCP 2450 120 3.0 45x45
PA78-0915-030SA RFID LHCP 915 30 4.0 101.6x101.6

AC Series:

  • Patch Antenna mounted on a ground plane with a connector mounted directly to the PCB.
  • Standard connector is SMA.

AP Series:

  • Patch Antenna mounted on a ground plane with a pigtail cable to a connector.
  • Standard designs have 6" (15.2 cm) RG-316 cables, connector varies by application.
  • Alternative lengths and connectors available.

AR Series:

  • Patch Antenna mounted on an optimized ground plane with a pigtail cable to a connector, which is tuned and packaged for the plastic radome that covers the complete assembly.
  • Standard cable is RG-316 to MMCX or SMA connectors, others available.