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Spectrum Control has been designing and manufacturing microwave components and sub-systems for guidance and sensors in munition applications for the Military and Defence markets for more than 70 years. Spectrum Control partners with its customers to produce solutions that can withstand the harshest of environments around the globe.

Spectrum Control's diverse product portfolio of solutions are designed to meet the needs of today’s demanding military requirements where there can be no compromise on reliability, accuracy or quality.

APITech produces receiver protectors, RF limiting amplifiers, and RF limiters.
Attenuators, terminations, and resistors with power up to 1250 Watts and frequency up to 27 GHz are available in chip and flange surface-mount packages.
Rich heritage in small form factor, high-rel SAW filters and oscillators for today's military and space markets.
Custom microelectronic solutions, hybrid assemblies, optoelectronics, SAW, high temperature and multi-chip modules designed and manufactured in the U.S. and U.K.
APITech Quad Transmit Receive Modules: We offer C-Band, S-Band and X-band QTRM.
Custom solutions with multiple technologies including Mixed Signal & Power, RF, Microwave & MMW, Optoelectronics, Thin Film & SAW Fab
Ideal to filter AC or DC power entering the system to prevent radiated or conducted EMI.
API Technologies, a world class leader in amplifier technology, is your full service partner for high performance amplification requirements.
The 312 Series is built for rugged environments and qualified to numerous MIL standards. These modules can be configured for different GPS bands, gain levels, number of outputs, connector types and more.