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SST has a number of policies to which the company and all its employees strictly adhere. They are a reflection of SST’s commitment to its clients, its employees and to the wider environment.

Secure Systems & Technologies Ltd acknowledges the critical nature of information security.
Secure Systems & Technologies Ltd has a total commitment to the supply of both products and services that provide customer satisfaction.
Secure Systems & Technologies Ltd acknowledges an obligation towards the protection of the environment and is committed to a policy of minimising and, wherever possible, eliminating any potential or actual environmentally harmful or injurious elements contained within its business processes, activities or products.
SST has outlined a health and safety policy. For more information regarding SST policies, SST recommends contacting an SST representative.
Secure Systems and Technologies Ltd (SST) does not offer, give, or receive bribes or inducements for any purpose whether direct or through a third party. Bribery is never acceptable.