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Emcon TEMPEST Credentials

Emcon certifies devices to TEMPEST North America (US and Canada) and NATO security requirements

credentials imageSpectrum Control's Emcon brand has one of the largest independent test facilities in Canada with four TEMPEST test chambers and two Certified TEMPEST professionals. Since 1985, Emcon has provided customers with engineering, value-added services, custom builds, and TEMPEST uplifts to commercial equipment to meet their EMSEC needs.

The core of our expertise is in-depth knowledge and twenty years of experience with compromising emanations. Combined with our state-of-the-art mechanical and electronic design tools, we are able to develop and maintain products and services that are required in Government environments wherever sensitive or classified information is processed.


Established and Trusted Supplier

Our client roster also includes numerous tier one prime defense contractors, OEMs, and re-seller channels.

Testing Services

Emcon offers a range of testing services compliant with US NSTISSAM TEMPEST standards, US Zone standards, Canadian CID/09/15A, Canadian Infosec 601 standards:

  • Onsite/offsite TEMPEST product compliance testing
  • Offsite TEMPEST platform testing
  • Compliance tests: TEMPEST to SDIP-27/1 Levels A, B, and C
  • Knowledge of NATO standards
  • TEMPEST facility (building) testing and installation
  • Engineering, design, and EMSEC consultation services

Established and Proven Supply Chain

Emcon has forged solid and long-lasting partnerships with established local sub-contractors and business partners, creating a strong and efficient supply chain that our clients can rely on.