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Secure Systems & Information Assurance (SSIA)

In situations where compromised data could have financial, political and/or life-threatening consequences, information assurance is the highest priority. The SSIA Divison of APITech designs and manufactures products that enable governments around the world, defense agencies, and enterprise customers worldwide to access sensitive data and critical systems securely, easily, and dynamically and our customers can feel confident that their data is secure.


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With over twenty years’ experience, SST forms part of the world’s largest supplier of value engineered TEMPEST, EMC-rated, rugged, encryption and communications security equipment solutions.
Emcon has been serving the North American TEMPEST, Rugged and Secure Communications market since 1985. Emcon provides customers with engineering, value-added services, custom builds, and TEMPEST uplifts to commercial equipment to meet their EMSEC needs.