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GaN-Based Power Amplifiers & Drivers

High Power and Efficiency Using Latest GaN Technology

Spectrum Control's complete line of Gallium Nitride (GaN) based power amplifiers and power amplifier drivers offer unparalleled reliability and performance. Utilizing the intrinsic physical properties of GaN like high heat capacity and thermal conductivity, these durable power amplifier solutions operate at a high output power over wide bandwidths.

Spectrum ControlGaN-based amplifier solutions are ideal for use in applications including military and commercial radar, communication transmitters, jamming systems, optical drivers, and medical imaging electronics.

Freq. Gain
Output Power
Rev. Iso.
(mA @ P1dB)
QB-925 2500-6000 MHz 18 40 35 2.0 1.6 28 2200 GaN Driver Amplifier
QB-904 2000-6000 MHz 36 37 48 2.0 2.0 24 <1200 GaN Driver Amplifier

GaN-Based High Power, Pulsed Power, and Power Amplifier Drivers

power amplifier

Spectrum Control's GaN-based amplifier solutions offer superior performance in speed, temperature and output power over wide bandwidths. These extremely efficient and reliable amplifiers meets today’s demand of reduced size and weight while maintaining high output power.

Spectrum Control's GaN power amplifiers range in output power from 32 - 100 watts with microprocessor based designs that incorporate an adaptive biasing algorithm to optimize efficiency and output power across the frequency band under varying load conditions.

With saturated output power levels between 4 to 10 watts and a balanced output stage, Spectrum Control’s GaN drivers offer a complete front-to-back amplifier solution for applications requiring high levels of gain and output power.


GaN Power Amplifier Designs

  • Saturated Output Power from 4 to 10 Watts
  • Class AB designs
  • Balanced Output Configuration

GaN Power Amplifier Applications

  • Military and Commercial Radar
  • Communications Transmitters
  • Jamming Systems
  • Medical Imaging Electronics
  • Electronic Warfare