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TPS75 Tactical Power Supply

75 Amp DC Power Rectifier

As power demands grow, soldiers struggle to deliver critical power when and where it is needed. The Spectrum Control TPS75, 75 Amp commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) tactical power supply offers soldiers the power and portability they need to meet mission requirements. The TPS75 supports power-hungry applications, such as RF and mobile networks, while eliminating the necessity for tactical vehicle-based power and significantly reduces the total cost of ownership for military vehicles.

When fielded, the TPS reduces fuel consumption and wear and tear on vehicles by eliminating run time to support powering fielded special ops equipment. The vehicle can also be deployed elsewhere while the TPS75 distributes power to mission critical equipment from a generator or local shore/community power.

Since the use of generators and the TPS75, loud vehicles are turned off and not needed for powering “off the power grid” network equipment, allowing soldiers to work in a quieter environment. This scenario also is what makes the TPS75 great for simulation and training environments.

The TPS75 rugged COTS solution is the first of its kind to offer an integrated battery charger that is designed to charge vehicle batteries. The available roll cage and watertight construction allows it to be placed in harsh environments such as standing water, rain, and blowing sand.

75 Amp DC Power Rectifier

AC Power source:
1 x Three Phase 4 Wire WYE,
190-220 L-L VAC;
1 x Single Phase, 240/120 VAC,
Mid-Point Neutral;
3 x Single Phase, 100-127 VAC

Integrated battery charger

Integrated battery charger;
28 Volts of DC power at 10A;
Battery detect feature to ensure
connection and state of charge;
Reverse polarity protection included;

Auto over temperature shut down

Auto over temperature shut down
protects critical loads; Withstands extreme temperatures, shock and vibration;
Weatherproof and waterproof housing;
Meets MIL-STD 810 and MIL-STD 461;

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring with user enabled remote ON/OFF for the DC outlet and the battery charger. Alarm limits creation for line input voltage, and more. Telnet and Web Interface communication and monitoring protocols.