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TPS150 Tactical Power Supply

150 Amp DC Power Rectifier

The Tactical Power Supply (TPS 150) is designed to power C4ISR systems, critical electronics warfare (EW) and weapons equipment where higher power is needed. 

75 Amp DC Power Rectifier

AC Power source:
1 x Three Phase 4 Wire WYE,
190-220 L-L VAC;
1 x Single Phase, 240/120 VAC,
Mid-Point Neutral;
3 x Single Phase, 100-127 VAC

Integrated battery charger

Integrated battery charger;
28 Volts of DC power at 10A;
Battery detect feature to ensure
connection and state of charge;
Reverse polarity protection included;

Auto over temperature shut down

Auto over temperature shut down; forced air cooling
protects critical loads; Withstands extreme temperatures, shock and vibration;
Weatherproof and waterproof housing;
Meets MIL-STD 810 and MIL-STD 461;

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring with user enabled remote ON/OFF for the DC outlet and the battery charger. Alarm limits creation for line input voltage, and more. Telnet and Web Interface communication and monitoring protocols.