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A broad range of Emcon and SST Voice and Video Conferencing solutions designed for office, huddle room, and conference room environments. 

Don't ignore the Cyber Security Blind Spot.

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Explore our product selection below. 


The Emcon and SST brand TEMPEST Cisco IP Phone 8845 is ideal for government and executive needs. This phone also includes HD video to enhance user experience.
The Cisco 8841 increases personal productivity through an engaging user experience that is powerful, easy-to-use and TEMPEST certified.
The Cisco 7965 VoIP phone is ideal where a feature-rich color display VoIP telephone is required for TEMPEST environments.
For small collaboration that meets TEMPEST certifications, the Emcon and SST brands offer the Cisco DX70. A 14-inch video conferencing system with HD video.
The Cisco DX80 is a 23-inch life-size video presentation that does not require an external monitor or separate IP phone.
TEMPEST certified Cisco SX20 and headset is suitable for multiple room sizes. The SX20 featuring HD video can be combined with a flat panel display to complete and secure a meeting space.
Cisco SX10 is an easy-use video teleconferencing system for flat panel display that also always users to share their screen from a personal device.