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Secure Systems & Technologies (SST) Services

With a high percentage of engineers and TEMPEST industry specialists, including the UK’s largest commercial TEMPEST test facility, SST has built an enviable reputation with subject matter experts providing consultancy, training and testing services for TEMPEST and environmental certification and CESG endorsement support.

Through design, quality, service and agility and expertise in consultancy, programme management, testing and training SST is uniquely positioned to support you on all aspects of TEMPEST and information assurance.

SST is able to provide timely and customised consultancy, particularly in the fields of COMSEC and EMSEC.
SST is renowned for its ability to deliver projects on time and on-budget. This is thanks to our highly experienced dedicated project managers.
As well as its standard range of products, SST also offers bespoke engineering and product development services. SST’s engineers work closely with customers to achieve customised solutions that meet their stringent requirements.
To meet the company aim of providing customers with consistent, high quality products with zero defects, SST operates a Quality Assurance system accredited to ISO 9001:2000.
Operating from a purpose built UK government accredited secure facility with experience spanning three decades combined with expertise in training, off-site mobile platform testing, equipment installation, consultancy and programme management Secure Systems & Technologies (SST) is uniquely positioned to support customers on all aspects of TEMPEST training.
Further information regarding SST return policy. To contact an SST representative, please contact customer support or visit the locations page.