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Emcon TEMPEST Capabilities

Emcon certifies devices to TEMPEST North America (US and Canada) and NATO security requirements

Capabilities photoSpectrum Control's Emcon brand offers TEMPEST, EMC and rugged solutions largely based on commercial off the shelf (COTS) equipment. With an In-house TEMPEST, EMC and environmental testing capability as well as prototyping and manufacturing facilities, Emcon can provide fast and reliable turn-around times from design through to manufacture and installation.

Emcon's TEMPEST and EMC test facility personnel have many years experience performing EMC and TEMPEST acceptance testing to military government test standards, on fixed and mobile platform installations.

Our dedicated program managers ensure that our solutions are delivered on time and on a budget from design through to manufacture and installation. And once deployed, our post-sales support and obsolescence management capabilities ensure that your data security is never compromised.

Emcon provides experienced project managers with EMSEC expertise for government and NATO projects. These project managers can support your program at every stage including risk assessment, management, planning and implementation.