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SST and Emcon Brand 16 Amp Pluggable Power Filter

The Emcon and SST brand power line filter is designed to isolate signals generated within terminal equipment where they are not connected to a filtered mains supply. High attenuation and wideband filtering capabilities significantly reduce the signals conducted on the power line (please note: a filter cannot be sold as a TEMPEST item on its own but can be used as part of an overall TEMPEST solution, providing the equipment and associated systems are installed to the requirements identified in SDIP-29). 

This filter is designed specifically for use on single-phase mains and has all the advantages of using current compensating inductors and provides four European standard power outlets with side contact and pin grounding capabilities for correct orientation of power to TEMPEST equipment.

It features a dual rated SP&N and 2-phase full frequency spectrum high-performance power line EMI suppression filter. The filter is manufactured by integrating high resilience ultra highspeed feed through capacitors and magnetic elements effective under all loading conditions.

The design of the 16 Amp Pluggable Power Filter allows use within an electrical distribution system requiring bi-directional attenuation of incident/equipment EMI. Installation of the filter supports equipment compliance with the requirements of system InfoSec and EMC specifications. The enclosure is robust for daily use and designed to be down-line tolerable to a personnel protection RCCD.

  • High performance EMI suppression filter
  • Robust design
  • Full frequency spectrum
  • Fanless, silent operation
  • Quadruple filtered outputs
  • For use in SDIP-29/1 Compliant Areas