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Emcon and SST Shielded Racks & Cabinets

For use in TEMPEST applications

The standard shielded racks and cabinets products provided are a high level of RFI attenuation to enable the use of unmodified COTS equipment in a TEMPEST application.  The shielded racks, cabinet and enclosure range provides a minimum 60dB attenuation of the radiated emissions from 100MHz through 1GHz, ensuring that low emission levels enable it to be used for TEMPEST applications.

The standard Rack Height options: 6U, 12U, 16U, 24U, 37U, 42U

All racks to be 650mm (25.6”) Width x 800mm (31.49”) or 1000mm (39.4”) Depth and they all house a 19” rack system (adjustable depth to accommodate smaller equipment). The larger 650mm width has been designed instead of using the commercial rack standard of 600mm to enable the cabling to be routed with ease (also helping to maintain bend-radius for fiber and copper cables) and 1000mm depth to allow deeper equipment to be utilized.

In addition, there is a range of customizable options offered. Emcon and SST provide a range of integration, documentation and test services including formal testing of a configured system to SDIP-27 TEMPEST standards. This service ensures that our customer receives a fully integrated, working, tested and documented system with appropriate compliances ready to be switched on and perform. 

The Secure Systems division of Spectrum Control offers global support. Below you will find links to North American and European office locations which offer TEMPEST product and service support.

  • Standard Height available:
  • 6U, 12U, 16U, 24U, 37U and 42U
  • Standard Width: 650 mm (25.6”) to facilitate cable routing and minimise tight bend radii on fibre / copper cables
  • Standard Depth: 800 mm (31.5”) and 1000mm (39.4”)
  • Weight: Size Dependant
  • Fully welded, high strength frame / chassis – 12U and above
  • 19” rack system for COTS installation – adjustable for smaller equipment
  • Beryllium Copper finger Gasketing
  • Locking front door handle – KABA optional
  • Castors/Leveling Feet with the appropriate Load Carrying capability
  • Modular Power distribution design
  • Standard Cable management solutions
  • A range of standard Modular I/O panels
  • Cooling fan options
  • Attractive painted exterior
  • Secure Office – computer rooms
  • NOC – deployed comms, advance teams, emergency response
  • Utilities control room