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Low Phase Noise Multipliers

Spectrum Control's line of low phase noise Frequency Multipliers and low noise, odd order, SRD based Frequency Multipliers deliver superior AM phase noise performance as well as excellent spurious levels.

These Frequency Multipliers come in a variety of configurations including Dividers, Doublers, Triplers, x4 Multipliers, x8 Multipliers, x15 Multipliers, x16 Multipliers, and a number of higher order multipliers including a x48 Multiplier design.

This family of Multipliers offers additional filtering through a very narrow high Q bandpass filter. All internal semiconductors are housed in rugged hermetically sealed packages to insure excellent performance in military environments.

Model Order Input
VSWR (dB) Spur-
ious (dBc)
DC Supply
310-027014-001 x2 2250 MHz - 4500 MHz 4500 MHz - 9000 MHz N/A 4 10 1.5:1 -60 5 / 180 -5 / 45
310-027004-006 x2 4500 MHz - 9000 MHz 9000 MHz - 18 GHz N/A 10 7 1.5:1 -60 5 / 180 -5 / 45
310-027013-002 x2 1000 MHz - 1500 MHz 2000 MHz - 4500 MHz N/A 7.5 5 1.5:1 -67 5 / 200 -5 / 2
310-027023-001 x26 100 MHz 2600 MHz N/A 10 17 2.0:1 -60 12 / 500 -
Specifications noted are midband at 25°C, please consult datasheet for specific guaranteed performance parameters over temperature.
Loss is the actual dissipated and reflected loss and does not include coupling loss.
All specifications are subject to change without notice.
Low Signal Degradation
  • Superior phase noise performance coupled with low signal degradation are some of the performance features built into this family of multipliers.
  • A linear amplifier drives a step recovery diode thereby multiplying an input 100 MHz clock signal by a factor of x21 to x26. A pair of 3-pole ceramic bandpass filters and a pair of linear driver amplifiers improve the spurious response, as well.
Multiple Frequency Outputs
  • Our designs, like this model BXMF1014, provide x2, x4, x8 and x48 frequency outputs from a single input frequency. Multipliers in this family are designed for airborne applications and have field replacable RF connectors.
  • The entire assembly is designed to be slid into a channel for systems installation without the need to solder wires or screw on connectors. This design incorporates single stage active doublers, amplifiers, SRD multipliers, power splitters, bandpass filtering, and more.
Flat Frequency Response
  • APITech multipliers, like this 310-027015-001 LO divider, provide the system designer with a compact, fast-switching building block for LO division applications.
  • Cascades of solid-state prescalers provide frequency division by a factor of 2, 4 or 8. Each of the prescaler chains is followed by a filter to improve the spurious response and an amplitude corrector to achieve flat frequency response.
Low Additive Phase Noise
  • This family of multipliers, based on multiple passive doubler/amplifier combinations, covers input frequency ranges of 5 to 500 MHz with output frequencies ranging from 100 to 1000 MHz.
  • Additive phase noise testing also ensures excellent low phase noise/jitter performance to -146 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz offset. Internal amplifiers and doublers are also contained in rugged TO-8 hermetic packages for excellent performance over all harsh military environmental conditions.
Feature Rich Designs
  • Our multipliers boast the following features: lightweight aluminum housing, SMP style connectors, wide operating temperature range, integral voltage regulation, and conduction cooled.