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Electronic Warfare Amplifiers

Spectrum Control’s engineers design the best performing amplifiers the industry has to offer for electronic warfare applications. With more than 1,000 standard and customized designs, we have a proven track record in manufacturing amplifiers that meet and exceed customer expectations. Our customizable solutions offer more gain, higher power, better linearity or a different bias configuration when required.

APITech offers guaranteed ultra-low phase noise performance in our line of PM electronic warfare amplifiers using a combination of design techniques, material selection, and in-house testing.
APITech designs the highest linearity electronic warfare amplifiers the industry has to offer. As the market leader in high linearity designs, with IP2 performance exceeding +110 dBm.
APITech offers customizable and rugged low noise electronic warfare amplifier solutions for high-rel, defense and space-bound LNA applications. We do not charge NRE on slight modification requests for LNAs optimized for gain, power, noise, or DC supply.
APITech offers a complete line of high frequency electronic warfare amplifiers from 2 GHz to 45 GHz. NRE charges are not required to customize these high performance designs; we offer standard internal voltage regulators that allow for a wider selection of available power supplies.
APITech designs and develops exceptional high frequency microwave amplifiers for both commercial and defense applications. These state-of-the-art electronic warfare amplifiers start at 4 GHz, with designs reaching 50 GHz.
The GPS LNA 312 series is a state-of-the-art electronic warfare amplifier, with excellent anti-jam performance as well as a Sub 2 dB noise figure and it is qualified to the most critical of environments for military and airborne applications. Low order quantities can be done with a short lead time.