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Spectrum Control's Employer Advantage

At APITech, we invest and rely on the talent, skill, and expertise of our team to design and manufacture mission critical products. Therefore, APITech's Employer Advantage begins with our employee value proposition: critically important work, employee driven improvement, and professional growth. Take a look at these and other reasons our employees take great pride and find rewarding and satisfying work at APITech. 

Critically Important Work

Building components for mission-critical systems is a highly technical and critically important job as human lives are often at stake. The talented and skilled employees at Spectrum Control have an impact that extends beyond design and manufacturing product, whether we are launching satellites, securing military communication, or keeping hearts in rhythm, our employees work explores space, protects soldiers, and saves lives. 

Employee Driven Improvement

In recent years we adopted a continuous improvement focus driven by our employees. Each person in each role is viewed as an expert. By unlocking our collective expertise we form the potential to impact every area of our business. Whether through kaizen events or by the sharing of best practices and ideas it is our employees that drive us forward, challenging the status quo. To do this our interest extends beyond an employees work, we care about their ideas. 

Professional Growth

We place high value in cross-training, mentorship, and skills development. As our organization continues to grow we create new career pathways. We develop credible and proven experts that join us in the trenches to deliver the innovative solutions that drive our organization’s success today and tomorrow. 

Volunteer Program

APITech is passionate about our impact in the world and our impact in local communities. Whether it is building a community baseball field or sponsoring a high school robotics club, we take pride in our communities. So do many of our employees. We recognize every employee who volunteers and award those who make significant contributions.


APITech provides a compehensive benefit package. As an employee you have the flexibility and control to choose from multiple options. While our benefits change based on country, we generally offer paid time off, paid holidays, several healthcare options, dental, vision, life, 401K with match, and more. 

Diversity and Inclusion

We strive to continually support and nurture the unique backgrounds, perspectives, and characterizations of our employees. Through team and collaboration, our diversity powers innovation, productivy, and profitability.