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About SST

Providing secure products for a more secure world.

Secure Systems and Technologies (SST) has been designing and manufacturing TEMPEST certified IT equipment for over 30 years and has established a proven track record of solving customer problems via reliable, well-engineered, innovative solutions.

These enable government organisations and defence agencies in UK, Europe and NATO to access sensitive and classified data and systems, securely, easily, and dynamically, and prevent a covert eavesdropping security breach that can lead to financial, political and/or life-threatening consequences.

SST delivers secure solutions and reliable customer support throughout the entire product life cycle. Utilising state of the art design tools and engineering expertise, and our in-depth knowledge of Emission Security (EMSEC) standards, SST also offers a range of services, including:

Custom TEMPEST Solutions
Rapid Prototyping
Field Testing
Crypto handling and integration
EMSEC Consulting and TEMPEST Certification Services
SST have UK MoD accredited crypto custodians to hold government cryptographic material or equipment and who are responsible for secure handling (including receipt, storage, integration and distribution) of all cryptographic material on behalf of our contractors.

Global Capabilities

Part of APITech, SST offers a robust portfolio of TEMPEST products designed to protect and process sensitive information from its TEMPEST facility in the UK. In conjunction with its counterparts in Canada and the USA, SST offers global customer support.

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