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Sage Microwave

APITech's Switched Filter Bank designs draw from a multi-disciplined staff with many years of experience in both microwave filters and control components.
This series features the same high performance of a custom designed switched filter at a reduced cost. Configurable with 2 to 7 channels covering 20 to 7500 MHz.
Available toplogies: Lumped Element, Cavity, Ceramic, Waveguide, Suspended Substrate
APITech produces a wide range of Digital Frequency Discriminators (DFDs) and Instantaneous Frequency Measurement receivers (IFMs) tailored to the stringent requirements of today’s state-of-the-art EW receivers.
Trombone, Trough Line, & High Frequency Designs to 50 GHz.
APITech's Rotary Joints are designed for high speed operation and use low loss materials to improve overall performance and increase peak power handling.
APITech designs a large selection of broadband, high isolation switches including PIN diode and high speed GaAs designs in frequencies up to 22 GHz.