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Spectrum Control designs and manufactures resistive surface mount devices that include both thin-film and thick-film technology available in chip, leaded, or flange-mount packages. These surface-mount devices include legacy designs from the former KDI business unit as well as Inmet rod resistors. The new Powerfilm™ brand surface-mount resistive components from Spectrum Control are enhanced to include even more reliability, options, frequency, and power than ever before. Employing a proprietary proven and economical thick/thin film processing approach, these resistive components are optimized for your high-power signal conditioning, leveling, gain optimization and matching network challenges. 

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Powerfilm chip attenuators from Spectrum Control Inmet come in two varieties: "Temperature Stable" (standard) and "Temperature Variable" attenuators.
Powerfilm flange attenuators are designed to uniformly reduce power of the RF signal while generating only a small reflection even under maximum power conditions.
Spectrum Control offers a wide selection of Powerfilm chip terminations. These surface-mount resistive components allow for RF power dissipation in terminations and isolators.
Powerfilm flange terminations with standard values of 50 and 100 ohm are available for frequencies up to 7 GHz and power levels up to 1250 Watts average.
Spectrum Control offers a wide selection of Inmet Brand Powerfilmâ„¢ chip resistors. These surface-mount components are often used in hybrid attenuators and Wilkinson power dividers.
Powerfilm flange resistors are used in power generators, attenuators, or stripline and microstrip hybrids.
Spectrum Control Inmet Powerfilmâ„¢ product line includes a selection of passive resistive components designed for use with stripline circuits.
Spectrum Control offers a wide selection of Powerfilmâ„¢ Rod Resistors. DC-40 GHz Performance. Samples available.
Cryo Low Temp chip attenuators. DC-18 GHz.